Silver Sound has a library of over 15,000+ songs with a wide variety of music to meet all your guests’ needs! We set ourselves apart from others by only playing positive, uplifting music suitable for “all ears”. If you would like, we can also encourage your guests to make requests.

Our Music Library Includes:

  • Polkas & Waltzes
  • Everything from the 1950’s to the current hits!
  • Dance
  • Country
  • Classic Rock
  • Christian
  • How about the new music? We stay current with all the latest hits.


You can search some of our more popular songs. Keep in mind, this is only a small fraction of our 15,000+ song library. With all of our of our years in business, we have nearly all requests and our library grows weekly with the latest hits. Regardless, if we do not have a special request, you may bring it or we will find it.


Try to use the smallest number of words that might identify your song or artist don’t worry about case-sensitivity. If you need to, add a word to your search until you get to a smaller list.

Once you “lock-in” your services with us, we will give you access to our on-line planner. This will allow you to save your music request list for your event. Would you like to allow your friends or relatives to add their requests to your list too? You can, by emailing them a link from your on-line planner and a special password. You, of course, get to see all the songs on your request list and can make adjustments.

Specific Lists (Available Upon Request)
Karaoke List

If you can’t think of the title of a song, but know some of the lyrics? Here are a few sites that may help you find it by searching for it by some of the lyrics:

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